Authentic Honey Wine

An Ancient Tradition

For millennia in Ethiopia, that storied realm in the Horn of Africa, tej has been the drink of celebration and sharing. Delicious as a chilled aperitif, with food (especially spicy food), or in a cocktail, Bilquis authentic Ethiopian tej invites you to partake in a tradition of hospitality and generosity traced to the days of Bilquis herself, the Queen of Sheba.

An Ethiopian Heritage

Created by descendants of generations of Ethiopian bee farmers and inspired by childhood memories of harvesting honey, Bilquis embodies the spirit of an ancient civilization. The rich, robust taste that awakens your palate today is the same that has united kings and queens, celebrated unions between husband and wife, and embraced family and friends for ages. It is more than a wine. It is a story as old as Ethiopia.

Extending the Spirit of Good - in Wine and Deed

Ethiopian culture values generosity above all else. In the spirit of generosity, our passion and intent is to fuel innovation for the good of our community. A portion of the purchase price of every bottle supports charitable organizations in Ethiopia. Our focus is economic development, access to clean water, and education.

For more information on the charities supported by Bilquis, please contact us.

Satiate your Taste and your Mind.

To sip Bilquis is to savor a taste of one of the oldest cultural regions in the world. So raise a glass to hospitality. Join generations, cross cultures, and imbibe with royalty.

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